Sri Lankan Supper Club - Saturday July 9th 6pm
  • Our supper club nights are a wonderful way to spend a summer evening, outside in a beautiful location on the farm sometimes in the wood surrounded by twinkling fairy lights others in the river side garden light up by candlelight.


    We seat 16 people at each supper club to keep it a relaxed and intimate evening. Serving food from all around the world using recipes and techniques owner of the Wonky Parsnip, both grower and chef Laura Brady has picked up on her worldwide travels. The focus is on amazing flavours, authentic recipes and using as much home grown produce as we possibly can. Meat and eggs are sourced only from local sustainable and pasture reared farms.


    The evening begins at 6pm, staff will show you to the car park in the farmyard and then to your table. We aim to have all food served by 8.30pm and you are welcome to enjoy your table until around 9pm as it gets rather dark for us to tidy up any later. Each evening is different depending on the theme we will have background music to suit each occasion. BYO Drinks.


    After Laura’s recent trip to Sri Lanka it seems only right to start of the season with this as our first theme. A country that sees what we eat not only as food, but also as herbal medicine 'you are what you eat' at its finest. Food packed full of different herbs, vegetables and spices its a truly delightful cuisine. (Nothing to spicy) Meat and Vegan Menus.


    The Menu


    Welcome Drink - A typical Sri Lankan Juice


    Starter - Samosas with Corriandor sauce


    Main course - A typical 6 course curry menu served with rice and poppadom; including Sambola, Jackfruit, Okra, Beans, Dahls, Pumpkin and meats. All with their own individual flavours the Sri Lankan people will prepare between 4-10 curry’s per house hold per night. This is to ensure they get a whole array of nutrition from the various ingredients in the food, it also is an amazing experience for a curry lover.


    Pudding - Homemade Cocount and Wood Apple Sorbet

    Sri Lankan Supper Club - Saturday July 9th 6pm