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We make it our mission to search for fruits and vegetables from around the world and grow them right here in Kent.

For example Cucamelons, grape sized cucumbers that look like water melons from Mexico, Electric Daisy's , edible flowers that make your tongue tingle as if you have eaten 1000 packets of popping candy - amazing in cocktails!

We have over 150 different things growing in the patch from exploding cucumbers from India to sprouting cauliflower a European cultivar.  Also on the farm is a herb garden containing herbs like lemon and lime basil, apple mint, and lemon coriander. 

The Wonky Parsnip - Growing weird and wonderful fruit, vegetable, herbs and edible flowers on our farm in Canterbury, Kent. Wholesale, Catering, Farmers Market & Farm Gate Sale.

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Horton Farm, Cockering Road, Chartham, Kent, CT4 7LG - 07876 251376

Created 2018 by Laura Brady