The Wonky Parsnip - Growing weird and wonderful fruit, vegetable, herbs and edible flowers on our farm in Canterbury, Kent. Wholesale, Catering, Farmers Market & Farm Gate Sale.

Horton Farm, Cockering Road, Chartham, Kent, CT4 7LG - 07876 251376

Created 2018 by Laura Brady

Veg Boxes

Our veg boxes are a great way of getting a mix of seasonal produce each week! They are fully loaded with a great variety of produce, from root veg, salads, peas and beans! It should be more than enough to get you though the week.

They are non-contract and can be done any day, although we do the bulk on a Friday with collection  any time after 5pm. To order simply message us via email or text 07876251376 stating what size box you would like by Thursday night.

Local delivery is available for £2.5.

We can do a box to any amount but our standard boxes are £6, £10 or £15.

The Shop

OK. Yes it is really a shed, but it acts as our shop!

On the Weekends we aim to fill the shop up with loads of lovely fresh produce, a bit of everything that is in season and sell at amazing farm gate prices. Get in touch for opening times.

This is a honesty shop so it is often unmanned, you simply take what veg you would like and leave the money in the yellow money box outside the shop!

We sell top quality highly unusual fruit and veg at farm gate prices! If I am about I am happy to harvest anything in season fresh from the field for you.

We also stock Logs, Kindling,  Bird Seed in the shop. In December we sell locally grown non-drop Christmas trees and wreaths.