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A World of Flavour on Just 3 Acres

At The Wonky Parsnip, our farm may be small, but our dedication to flavour is boundless. With a patch spanning just 3 acres, we've chosen quality over quantity, focusing on cultivating over 150 unique varieties of produce for their exceptional taste rather than sheer yield.

Flavourful, Colourful, Fresh

Our produce is a celebration of taste and vibrancy. Picked fresh to order and cultivated without the use of sprays, every bite bursts with flavour and showcases nature's beautiful colours.

From Edible Flowers to Unique Delights

Our offerings are as diverse as your culinary imagination. Explore a cornucopia of delights, from delicate edible flowers to giant squash, lemon basil to watermelons. We're passionate about bringing you the flavours of the world, grown right here on our farm.

Regenerative and Spray-Free Farming

We take pride in using regenerative and spray-free methods that prioritize both the environment and your health. Our commitment to sustainable practices means you can enjoy highly nutritious, package-free produce that's as good for the planet as it is for your palate.

Get in Touch

Want to learn more or receive our weekly price list during the growing season? Reach out to us at Let us know if you're a wholesaler or part of the general public. We'd love to connect with you!

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