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Hey, I'm Laura Brady I'm 25 and I started The Wonky Parsnip back in 2018 with the aim of growing as many different variety's of produce in a market garden styled patch as possible.

I have always loved to travel and want to bring the smells, tastes and culinary delights I have had abroad to the UK - as well as growing twists on English favourites such as sprouting cauliflower, wasabi rocket, purple peas?!

Based on 2 acres, I grow over 150 varieties of produce with harvest starting around June and Running through to December.

Restaurants and Chefs tend to be our main customers, we also run a veg box scheme which you can check out on our website and often have stalls and market days on the farm check out events on our website for the latest.

Seed Subscriptions/seed boxes are a great way to have a go at growing your own produce at home, let us do the hard work choosing the best variety's for you, check out the link at the top of the page.

We also grow a huge selection of plants that we also sell on our plant sale days on the farm or online.

In 2020 I also installed a large commercial kitchen on the farm, which has always been by dream. This allows us and chefs we work with to host supper clubs, pop up kitchens, take outs and we can make preserves/sauces etc using our produce to sell to our customers.


Throughout the summer we hold lots of different events, courses, supper clubs,

tours, farmers markets - keep update by following us on Facebook/Insta or our website!


The winter sees our rainbow pumpkin patch open for PYO in the half term followed by Christmas Tree stall and delivery service from late Nov!

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